Benks is a leading brand in 
creative digital accessories industry since 2008.

With its brand concept of "LEAVE THE THINKING TO US", Benks aims at providing high quality mobile phone accessories for end-users 
in the worldwide and believes that innovation changes life. 

Benks originates from A dream, A kind of persistence. 
In a narrow studio, full of manuscripts on the fioor , there are several people, started their career . 
Fighting together, working hard together , the endless imagination ran through their youthfulness. 
Benks is also a dream, a Brand dream. 
We Gathered together, struggling together step by step, turning innovation into a better life, let more customers enjoy the taste and endless 
surprises brought by high-quality products and services. 

Benks thinks more than your satisfaction.

Benks Establishment
51 million+
Consumers in the Worldwide
Countries and Districts

Combination of strong and strong